O Grelo Verde


Name / Title

O Grelo Verde

 Case Study Region

Comarca de Verín (Spain)

Geographical coverage

The region of Galicia


Voluntary group


Main activity / focus


The main goal of the initiative is to foster environmental sustainability, organic farming knowledge and consumption, and sustainable development. O Grelo Verde aims at fostering the consumption and production of organic produces by a rational use of available resources. In this way they pursue to slow down rural depopulation and abandonment of productive resources as well as the economic viability of organic farms that do not pollute, respect animal welfare and diminish the risk of fire while offering healthy products for consumption.

Target beneficiaries / market

Farmers and consumers

Year established


Current Funding source(s)


Subsidy for project organic school meals, from Regional government (Agri-food quality Ministry); European project RAFAEL within INTERREG programme (European funds)


O Grelo verde has had a range from 15 to 25 members who joined after most of them participated in an organic farming course giving lectures. The course was organised by another association (O pozo do demo) that disbanded. In the beginning, the association used the business premises of one of the members as a headquarters. Nowadays they meet in different places, also at the Biocoop cooperative (another catalogued best practice) where some of the members work, included the contact person for this initiative. she is a biologist specialised in zoology and with training in “healthy life”.

Within the association, the members are also professional producers of organic vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, they all produce for self-consumption.






In 2001 this association started with 15 members, all of them interested in promoting organic farming. Most of them met at a course to teach about organic farming. The interviewee was a teacher in that course. They did participate in fairs around Galicia promoting their association in order to attract members. O Grelo Verde has developed small projects with the goal of spread organic farming management and to exchange knowledge about it. Therefore, the organisation has multiple activities related to the promotion of organic farming by producing and exchanging organic knowledge through lectures, conferences, meetings courses, and training of organic management and techniques. They are often asked by the extension services (nowadays Oficinas Agrarias Comarcales) and by Portas Abertas (both of them mediators). The activities are spread all over Galicia and specially addressed to small villages. This organisation was in the beginning a grassroots initiative, especially as regards a project they carry out to promote organic school meals. Eventually, they have become an important mediator arranging courses and activities that promote organic activity in the area.


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Anabel Costa
Phone. +34 659499570

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