Rural development

European Countryside special issue | DERREG

A special issue of the European Countryside (Volume 3, Number 3 / 2011) guest edited by Michael Woods and John McDonagh is now avaliable online and features four articles based on the research findings of the DERREG project:


The full contents are:

‘Rural Europe and the world: Globalization and rural development’ (Editorial) Authors: Michael Woods and John McDonagh

‘Expanding horizons: local embeddedness and local engagement among small firms in the European countryside’. Authors: Andrew Copus, Alexandre Dubois and Moa Hedström

 ‘The relevance of linking favourable business environments with embeddedness SMEs in rural areas of the Goriška region, Slovenia’. Author: Irma Potočnik-Slavič

‘Embedding of rural businesses in the South Moravian region’. Authors: Milada Šťastná, Tereza Kniezková and Miloslava Náplavová

‘Protected areas and regional development: conflicts and opportunities – presented on the example of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau’. Authors: Wioletta Frys and Birte Nienaber