The research completed by DERREG during the three-year project period (Jan’09-Dec’11) has shown that rural regions across Europe are proactively engaging with globalization processes and their impacts, exploiting new opportunities for international networking and trade, and developing responses to the challenges presented by globalization.

Globalization is not a singular, monolithic and homogenizing force. Different globalization processes operate in different combinations in different regions, with different results.



A special issue of the European Countryside (Volume 3, Number 3 / 2011) guest edited by Michael Woods and John McDonagh is now avaliable online and features four articles based on the research findings of the DERREG project:



The full contents are:

‘Rural Europe and the world: Globalization and rural



A series of short films about the DERREG case study regions are now available to view on YouTube:

The films depict good practice examples of initiatives which are engaging with the opportunities and challenges presented by globalisation in Europe's rural regions.



The DERREG 'Good Practice Database' was launched at the project's final conference in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, in October 2011, and is available on the website:

The identification of 'good practice' examples within the different case study regions has been a central part of the DERREG methodology across the four thematic work packages (WP1-4).

These are examples of rural development initiatives, projects or enterprises that have worked well within the particu