Final Conference of the DERREG Project

Event Date: 
12-13 October 2011

Globalization and Rural Regions in Europe: Impacts, Challenges and Lessons
Hotel Diana, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 12th and 13th October 2011

This two-day conference presented results from the DERREG project, funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7, to examine the ways in which rural regions have been affected by different dimensions of globalization, and to discuss the responses that have been adopted by regional governments, businesses and community groups.

The first day of the conference focused on the presentation and discussion of results from DERREG concerning the engagement of rural businesses with the global economy; the dynamics and implications of international migration to and from rural regions; and the influence of global concerns in shaping regional environmental policies and opportunities for sustainable development. The second day of the conference presented findings from DERREG about building regional capacity to respond to globalization and discuss the implications of the research for policy and practice, including highlighting examples of good practice in rural development responses to the challenges of globalization.

The following presentations from the conference are available to download below:

Introduction: Globalization and Rural Europe – Past, Present and Future.
Michael Woods (Aberystwyth University, UK) 

Rural Businesses, Global Engagement and Local Embeddedness:
Overview – Andrew Copus (Nordregio, Sweden)
Case Study 1: Goriška region – Irma Potočnik Slavič (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Case Study 2: South Moravia – Milada Šťastná (Mendel University, Czech Republic)

International Migration and Rural Europe:
Overview – Birte Nienaber (Universität des Saarlandes, Germany)
Case Study 1: Pomurje region – Irena Mrak (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Case Study 2: Saxony – Robert Nadler (Leibniz – Institut für Landekunde, Germany)

The Global Environment and Rural Sustainable Development:
Overview – Joachim Burdack & Michael Kriszan (Leibniz – Institut für Landekunde, Germany)
Case Study 1: West of Ireland – Maura Farrell & John McDonagh (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Case Study 2: Saarland – Birte Nienaber (Universität des Saarlandes, Germany)

Regional Learning and Rural Development:
Overview – Dirk Roep & Wiebke Wellbrock (Wageningen University, Netherlands)
Case Study 1: Comarca de Verin  - Dolores Dominguez Garcia (Wageningen University, Netherlands)Case Study 2: West of Ireland – Maura Farrell  & Marie Mahon (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Policy Perspectives on Globalization and Rural Development:
A national perspective – Dr. Andrej Horvat, State Secretary in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Slovenia
A regional perspective – Romeo Varga, Regional Development Agency Mura (Pomurska), Slovenia

Showcase of Good Practice Examples:
David Bratož, Regional Development Agency ROD (Goriška), Slovenia (ICON)
Frans Traa, WSI Westerkwartier, Netherlands 

Introduction_Globalization and Rural Europe_Woods.pdf1.3 MB
WP1 Research Overview_Copus.pdf1.25 MB
WP1_Goriska case study_Slavic.pdf602.41 KB
WP1_South Moravia case study_Stastna.pdf749.8 KB
WP2_international migration overview_Nienaber.pdf629.66 KB
WP2_Pomurje case study_Mrak.pdf620.38 KB
WP2_Saxony case study_Nadler.pdf380.27 KB
WP3_rural sustainable development overview_Kriszan.pdf495.8 KB
WP3_Ireland case study_Farrell.pdf855.99 KB
WP3_Saarland case study_Nienaber.pdf431.02 KB
WP4_Regional learning overview_Roep.pdf660.86 KB
WP4_Verin case study_Dominguez.pdf480.53 KB
WP4_West Ireland case study_Mahon.pdf588.78 KB
National policy perspective_Andrej Horvat.pdf1.36 MB
Regional policy perspective_Romeo Varga.pdf355.16 KB
Good Practice_ICON_David Bratoz.pdf548.31 KB
Good Practice_WSI Westerkwartier_Frans Traa.pdf571.55 KB

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