31 March, European Parliament, Brussels: 'Rural Development and Globalisation in Europe'

 This seminar presented and discussed emerging findings, policy recommendations and good practice examples from the DERREG project.



29-30 June 2011, Aberystwyth University.
This two-day workshop will allow project members to draw together and discuss the results and conclusions from each of the work packages in a series 90-minute sessions, each joined by an external academic discussant. The final session will seek to integrate the findings from the individual work packages and discuss the project's overarching conclusions about rural development in the era of globalization.



Globalization and Rural Regions in Europe: Impacts, Challenges and Lessons
Hotel Diana, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 12th and 13th October 2011

This two-day conference presented results from the DERREG project, funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7, to examine the ways i